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All policies are to be read by future students and employees to ensure a safe time and safe environment. Failure to follow the policies will result in suspension or something far worse.
'Enjoy Your time at The Company or at Costa Verde High.

Character PolicyEdit

We want all of our users to have an enjoyable time here on Heroes RP wiki, but in order to do that you must follow some certain guidelines. Please read all the guidelines and apply them while you RP c:

  • Users are required to make a character page once their character has been sorted, it will house all your characters information and anything else you'd like to add (ex. Photos, more info that wasn't on the forum.) But sloppy character pages are frowned upon, we would like you to try and create a nice neat character page where it is easy to find certain information. For an example of a character page please see Evan Wright.
  • Your characters must follow certain rules and laws, if you have a student character they must attend Costa Verde High and can't just be wandering around aimlessly doing whatever they please. If your character is 18+ they are able to work for The Company, but only if an Admin approves it.
  • If your character works for The Company they must follow The Company rules, they cannot be a double agent UNLESS it is Admin approved! They will have a partner and must try to work with them the best they can, your character is also not allowed to know everything about The Company and can't have endless knowledge about it.
  • When filling out your character forum you must leave your signature and fill out all the fields of the forum, they are there for a certain reason and if followed correctly it will make your roleplaying experience better.
  • Your character must be reasonably named and also include a last name as well, foreign names are alright as long as they are not too out there and far fetched. You should also include a photo but not an overload of photos.
  • Please try to use original information while creating a character, stealing from a TV show character or a video game character is frowned upon. Also try not to use names from the TV show, as in Peter or Claire.