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All policies are to be read by future students and employees to ensure a safe time and safe environment. Failure to follow the policies will result in suspension or something far worse.
'Enjoy Your time at The Company or at Costa Verde High.

Character Creation PolicyEdit

We want all of our users to have an enjoyable time here on Heroes RP wiki, but in order to do that you must follow some certain guidelines. Please read all the guidelines and apply them while you RP c:

  • When creating a character make sure to include the basics, they will all be on the forum and are necessary for you to be able to RP here.
  • While creating your characters history, do not copy it from a TV show character or a Video Game character or anything of the sort. Try to be original and concrete with your history, the more thought you put into it the better it will become.
  • Your character's personality should have some reflect on their history, if something traumatizing happened to them then it should affect their personality. Perhaps they almost drowned as a child and are now afraid of the water, try to make your character's personality reflect their history the best you can.
  • You are NOT allowed to copy anything from another character page here on the wiki, and if your character has some relation to another character you MUST ask the user who owns that character.