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All policies are to be read by future students and employees to ensure a safe time and safe environment. Failure to follow the policies will result in suspension or something far worse.
'Enjoy Your time at The Company or at Costa Verde High.

Chat PolicyEdit

We want all of our users to have an enjoyable time here on Heroes RP wiki, but in order to do that you must follow some certain guidelines. Please read all the guidelines and apply them while you RP c:

  • While on chat try to keep the swearing to a minimum, some users don't like swearing/cursing and to be respectful try not to swear too much or just for the fun of it. If your swearing gets out of hand you will be warned by a member of The Admin Team.
  • Do not disrespect a member of The Admin Team OR another user while on chat, if you are caught and or another user has proof of you doing such a thing you will be warned by a member of The Admin Team, and if you are caught doing it again you will have a 1-3 hour ban.
  • Sexual content is frowned upon in chat, such things should not be spoken about as there are users who are sensitive to those types of things and might not like the subject. Once again be respectful to other users.
  • Links to porn and or other inappropriate photos and or other content will get you a 1-3 hour ban without warning, after your ban if you are caught doing such a thing again you will be banned for 4-6 hours and so on.