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All policies are to be read by future students and employees to ensure a safe time and safe environment. Failure to follow the policies will result in suspension or something far worse.
'Enjoy Your time at The Company or at Costa Verde High.

Roleplaying PolicyEdit

We want all of our users to have an enjoyable time here on Heroes RP wiki, but in order to do that you must follow some certain guidelines. Please read all the guidelines and apply them while you RP c:

  • No godmodding: Your character cannot destroy a whole city just because they're having an emotional breakdown and or just feel like it, your character is not super strong and or super powerful and has to follow certain guidelines and rules.
  • No bunnying: You cannot decide that another player does something.
  • A small amount of godmodding/bunnying may be overlooked, but multiple offenses will result in warnings followed by appropriate action.
  • No metagaming: Your character is not aware of that bucket of water around the corner that another character set up to prank someone with in another roleplay.
  • Reaction times: Unless your character has super speed, you will not be able to dodge everyone attacking you at once and or dodge a bullet coming at you from behind shot by someone your character didn't know was there.
  • Realism: Yes, we are playing in a world where people have powers beyond our imagination, but this is also real life and not some fantasy world. Your character would probably be scared and not just tell everyone the power they have, and they would also probably introduce themselves to new people they meet as to try and make friends. Try to consider these things while roleplaying.
  • Afterlife: When your character dies they are dead and are not coming back, unless another character as the ability to heal and bring people back from the dead. But if that is the case, you will need special permission from an admin in order for your character or another to seek them out and get healed.
  • Age of Adulthood: The age is 18 just like in the real world, and it also applies if your character is 21 and older.

Marriage: Any character over the age of 18 can get married, However, public displays of affection must be kept to a minimum, and please be careful to keep your roleplays PG-13 or lower.

  • Relationships: Please keep the PG-13 RP limit in mind. This means that adult characters should not be dating student characters unless they're a year or less apart.
  • Substance Abuse: Drug use of any illegal substance is considered illegal just like how it is in real life, and a character can be arrested for using these materials.
  • Killing Characters: Though asking to kill another character is polite, it is not required and should only be done if it is absolutely necessary.