Welcome to The Heroesroleplay Wiki! Before you can start roleplaying, you need to make a character and get them sorted c: In order to do that, just add your characters name in the box below. If you're creating an adult, make sure to click the name tag below. If you're making a student, click the seal.

About the Character
  • Name: Your character must have a first and last name. Please try to make their name readable and not just random chibberish, foreign names are allowed but to a certain extent.
  • Personality: Your character's personality should be at least one paragraph, and please try to make it reasonable and readable.
  • History: Your character's history should be at least two paragraphs long'. You should put how they grew up and what their life was like, but try not to make it too depressing or too out there.
  • Occupation (Adults: If your character is an adult, please try to give them an Occupation. If it something freelance then that is fine, but if it is in The Company or they work at The High School you must talk to a member of The Admin Team first.
  • Rare/Over-Powered Abilities:Your character is not allowed to have Rare/Over-Powered abilities, such as immortality (Rare) and or being able to instantly kill someone (Over-Powered).
OOC Things
  • If an admin comments on your sorting forum and asks to make a change and you do not do it within two weeks, your forum will be deleted.
  • For your first month here, you can only make two characters. Afterwards, you can make more, but the recommended limit is 8.
  • Please sign your sorting forum with ~~~~ or your signature.
  • You will be given two weeks to finish a WIP forum.